Privacy Notice

Data protection

When processing your order, your personal data (name, address, contact data, payment and order details) will be transferred via a safe connection.
All of the data will be saved and processed by us with due attention to the legal regulations. We will use your personal data solely for the processing of your orders and to make contact with you. We will further your customer information to our service partners, such as credit card institutes and forwarding companies, solely to the extent necessary, and reduced to the necessary minimum, to process the payment and dispatch your order. With your order you expressly declare yourself in agreement with this means of procedure. We guarantee that your data shall not be sent to any other third parties.

You have the right to free information, the correction and deletion of your stored data at any time. You can update or delete your personal information in the customer service area of our shops at any time (by indicating your email address and your password).

Please contact us by email, fax, letter or telephone if you have any changes concerning your data and cannot perform these yourself in the system.

Cookies are used to ensure that our shop system functions properly (small files in which the order information is stored). In the event that your browser is set so that it does not accept any cookies, we would ask you to make corresponding changes to your browser settings. After concluding your order procedure, you can, if necessary, reset your browser settings and delete the cookie set for the order.

For questions, further information or telephone orders, we remain at your service at +43/(0)662 / 841771.